"Together we've impacted the lives of over 20,000 vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty."

Chika Odumodu

Founder and CEO

Mr. Chika Odumodu is the Founder & CEO of Chika Odumodu Foundation; a 501(c) non profit organization involved in providing opportunities related to education in Nigeria specifically, and the broader continent of Africa.

Mr. Chika Odumodu has ten years experience in developing and managing large-scale asset management projects for the renewable, utility, downstream, midstream and upstream energy industries. He has proven to be a strategic resource on enterprise wide initiatives designed to manage scope, schedule, project budgets with a keen eye on risk, while demonstrating compliance, and extending the useful lives of assets.

Prior to starting his non-profit organization (NGO), Mr. Chika Odumodu worked straight out of college for DowDuPont Chemical Company in Houston and LaPorte, Texas where he worked as a Manufacturing Technology Engineer managing continuous improvement projects. Also worked for GP Strategies Corporation in Houston Texas, as an Operations Engineer supporting facilities projects for major oil & gas clients (Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation) based in South & East Kuwait (Burgan Asset).

He transitioned to TransCanada Corporation in Houston Texas, managing facilities maintenance and pipeline projects across the U.S. He was later acquired by ConocoPhillips Company in Houston Texas, where he successfully worked on a high profile fiberspar replacement project based out of Kennedy Texas (Eagle Ford Asset). After the success of that 2 year contract, He moved to Enbridge Corporation where He served in several senior positions as a Program Manager within the Gas Pipeline Project Management Team (MPUG) and Liquids Anomaly Maintenance PM Team in Houston Texas. Lastly

He successfully took a position as a Program Manager for EnLink Midstream, LLC in Dallas Texas managing high pressure natural gas pipeline projects out of Donaldsonville and Lake Charles, Lousianna. He is currently working as a Program Manager, Integrity & Data Management for EnServ Energy Services and Solutions, LLC in Houston Texas where he manages integrity management projects for their entire IMP department.

Mr. Chika Odumodu earned a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Prairie View Agricultural & Mechanical University in Houston, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Production Engineering from Robert Gordon University based out of Aberdeen, Scotland. He complemented his technical educational background with a HBX Management Program from Harvard University.

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