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We Transform Lives

In our educational initiatives, we focus on tailoring programs to meet the distinctive needs of children. By providing a solid foundation for their well-being, fostering learning opportunities, and safeguarding them from harm, we strive to make a positive impact. Our efforts extend not only in the United States but also globally, contributing to enduring transformations for children, their families, and communities. Ultimately, our goal is to shape a shared future where education plays a pivotal role in creating lasting change.

Our Organisation

Chika Odumodu Foundation, a beacon of hope in the realm of education across Africa. We are a dedicated charity organization committed to providing unwavering support and valuable resources for the betterment of education in the region. With a passion for empowering minds and shaping futures, our foundation strives to bridge gaps, uplift communities, and foster a brighter tomorrow through the transformative power of education.

Our Mission & Story

At the Chika Odumodu Foundation, our mission is to ignite positive change in Africa through education. We are dedicated to providing vital support and valuable resources to enhance educational opportunities for children and communities across the continent.

Our Strategy & Impact

The Chika Odumodu Foundation employs a multifaceted strategy to uplift education across Africa. We believe in a holistic approach that combines targeted interventions, community engagement, and strategic partnerships.

Our Annual Report

As we reflect on the past year, the Chika Odumodu Foundation is pleased to present an Annual Report, a testament to our commitment to advancing education in Africa. In the spirit of transparency and accountability, this report outlines the impact of our collective efforts and the strides we've made towards our mission.

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Our Team

Clarissa McCoist
Lead Trustee
Bradley Grosh
Vice Chair of Trustees
Clarissa McCoist
Lead Trustee
Alan Smith
Chief Executive
Eva Savits
Executive Director